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Huawei’s SVP Presented in the Zhongshan Expert Forum of NJAU

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On the evening of June 14th, 2018, Ms Lin Ruiqi, the senior vice president of Huawei Co. Ltd, delivered a lecture on behaving as a fighter in new era to more than 300 students and teachers in Zhongshan Expert Forum when she accepted the invitation of the Communist Youth League committee of Nanjing Agricultural University. A warm welcome was sent to Ms Lin and her team by the deputy secretary of Communist Party Committee Liu Yingjun before the lecture began. They exchanged views on how to train talents of universities more creatively.

Ms Lin pointed out that in the process of Huwei they took endeavor as the foremost and highlighted the self-criticism and acceptance of self-esteem, which are as same as in the progress of college students. In her speech, three pieces of advice about learning were given to the students presented, firstly, read more, especially read the classics with concentrated attention; secondly, exchange more, including the heads from all walks of life and try to learn from them; finally, become a warm-hearted devoted man while adhering to the spirit of NJAU as Cheng, Pu, Qin, and Ren (integrity, modesty, diligence and humanity) and fight for a new era.

After the lecture, students asked questions about the way of the youth behaving, the digital agricultural development, and Huawei’s future plan. Ms Lin made sincere replies, provoking favorable response from the audience.

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