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The college of NJAU food science and technology held an exhibition on Chinese traditional food culture

Date:2018-12-20 Source: Clicks:

On October 31st, the college of food science and technology held a series of exhibitions on Chinese traditional food culture on central road. Nearly 1000 students participated in the activity. With the theme of "searching for jin ling", the exhibition showcases nanjing's traditional delicacies such as salted duck, sugared taro seedlings, red bean Lantern Festival, cake dough, live beads, as well as their historical origins and technological development. In order to explain to the students about the osmanthus duck story, nanjing osmanthus duck group non-genetic heir jia has master to the scene.

Students get souvenirs and taste nanjing traditional food through questions and answers about traditional culture, interactive experience of traditional folk customs and other links. After tasting the delicious food, students voted for salted duck as the "most beautiful taste of nanjing". Finally, students sign their names before "striving to be a non-genetic inheritor". To open up new ways to meet traditional culture, this event is a great use of food, games, and so on, to attract students to the traditional culture, to establish a sense of continuity.

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